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John C. Cahill
CIO, Manhattan East Suite Hotels 

"Prism's disciplined approach to Needs Analysis and System Selection brought us the right product at the right price several times. Their knowledge of the industry makes them an ideal partner and team member".



What Our Clients Say
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Prism focuses on the Travel & Hospitality industries,

particularly hotel consulting.  A core business strategy

of the firm is bridging the gap that so often exists 

between technology, operations and marketing.

Industry News Bites
Travel Tech.
  - Google Glass, futuristic eyewear that has the search and alert capability of a smart phone and could revolutionise travel by providing instant, geographically relevant information about unfamiliar areas on the go.    More... 
Boston Strong
  - As investigators continue to search for clues in the Boston Marathon bombings, the hotel in between where the bombs went off has become a focal point for officials in the investigation.   More...
  - There has been a lot of debate by social marketers about the use of hashtags on Facebook. The # symbol used to make topics or keywords searchable on Twitter and Instagram has been appearing in status updates more frequently.  More...