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John C. Cahill
CIO, Manhattan East Suite Hotels 

"Prism's disciplined approach to Needs Analysis and System Selection brought us the right product at the right price several times. Their knowledge of the industry makes them an ideal partner and team member".



What Our Clients Say
Business Solutions
Prism focuses on the Travel & Hospitality industries,

particularly hotel consulting.  A core business strategy

of the firm is bridging the gap that so often exists 

between technology, operations and marketing.

Industry Insight

Customer Focus
  - The Peril of Losing Focus on Your Customers.  Big organizations such as Netflix, Verizon and Susan G. Komen have famously made seemingly arbitrary decisions that enraged and alienated their otherwise loyal customer base.  More...


The Urge to Merge
  - Late last year Amadeus announced that they had reached an agreement to acquire Newmarket International for the nice sum of half a billion dollars. Industry observers unanimously perceived this announcement as a Big Deal and perhaps a sign of things to come..    More...


Guest Sentiment
  - Broadly speaking, a departed hotel guest falls into one of three sentiment categories; delighted, content, unhappy. The reason why guests sit at either end of this contentment spectrum is mostly due to one or more noteworthy experiences during their stay.  More...